Saturday, May 10, 2014

Demand our Stars: TFIOS deep in the heart of Dallas

Photo: John Green
 The Demand Our Stars tour ended in Dallas where 3,000 lucky fans got to attend the fan event inside Gilley’s Southside Ballroom. Fans had started lining up at the venue at 3 a.m. By mid-day all of those lined up received Papa John’s pizza courtesy of John Green. Four hours before the event started, there more than 3,000 fans in line. Some were unable to get in but did get to see the TFIOS when they arrived and did press. Shailene arrived wearing a small cow girl hat, which Nat, Ansel, and John took turns wearing. During the Q&A, Shailene and Ansel swayed and hug. They all continued the love fest by complimenting each other. Ansel ended the night with even more dancing, making the crowd go wild. It has been a great four days.

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A perfect welcome to the last stop of the #tfiostour! Hello Dallas! Can't wait to see all the fans out for #tfiostx

What do you want us to ask the cast of @thefaultmovie today? #tfiostour #tfiostx

The @thefaultmovie guys getting ready backstage in Dallas! @johngreenwritesbooks @anselelgort and @natandalex hard at work. #tfiostx #tfiostour

Shailene enters the stage with a cowboy hat and a jig in Dallas #tfiostour #tfiostx

Dallas got lucky too! More @anselelgort dance moves just for you 😍 #tfiostour #tfiostx

Who wore the hat best @thefaultmovie's Dallas stop? @anselelgort @johngreenwritesbooks #shailenewoodley or @natandalex? That's a wrap on #tfiostour for us! Thanks for following! - @mollygoodson

Ansel and Shailene being adorable at the fan event

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