Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Buzzfeed Interview on the Amsterdam TFIOS set

Buzzfeed visits The Fault in Our Stars Amsterdam set. 

Taking in all of the sights, sounds, and warmth of the cast and crew, here are a few highlights:

John on the nature of celebrity:
“People are stopping you, and they’re saying nice things, but like, it makes you constantly consciously aware when you’re in public that you are not actually your private self, or that you can’t actually be your private self.” 

John on fleeting notability: 
“I know that this will never happen to me again. I’ll write other books and their lives will look more like my previous books and that’s okay with me. I remain interested in fandom and the relationship we have with the things that we love.”

John on his social media access during set:
"It’s allowed me to make the stuff I want to make for the Nerdfighters. It’s nice for them to feel like they’re part of it, because they do have special access to the movie, because they’re the reason we’re here. The readers of the book are the first people I want to make a good movie for.”

Ansel on his replaying his audition scene with Shai: 
“It was more emotional when we did it during the audition. At this point in the movie, we’ve done so many emotional scenes that Josh [Boone, the director] is like, trying to find a way to make some of the scenes less emotional. Because it’s almost too much. Shai and I are very explosive, so there are scenes in the movie where we are screaming and crying and losing our shit. You just don’t need another one of those.”

John on the filmmaking process: 
“When it came to deciding who would write the movie, the producers sent me Neustadter’s script for The Spectacular Now, and when it came to deciding who would direct it, I got to seeStuck in Love, Josh Boone’s first movie, and then when it came time for casting, I got to have a voice in that process as well.”

Shai on her introduction to TFIOS:
“I fell in love with the script and then read the book. I just felt like it was such an important story to tell — especially in modern-day cinema, to have a story like this brought to the screen just doesn’t happen.”

Ansel on Gus:
"...I was able to be theatrical because I’m a theater actor, and Gus is a theatrical guy. That was the beauty of Gus — he has so many layers to him. Shailene’s been like, ‘It’s gonna be a while before you get to play a character like this again.’”

Make sure you check out the rest of this amazing article here at the source!

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