Saturday, May 10, 2014

TFIOS in Total Film

TFIOS is featured in the current issue of Total Film Magazine. There is an interview with Shailene and Ansel and one with John.

Shailene and Ansel

Ansel says that what attracted him to the book was that it's a universal love story but that the limited amount of time Hazel and Gus have with each other is what makes it magical because it, "makes them make big sacrifices for each other".

Shailene says the movie changed her 100% in making her realize life is fleeting and teaching her that there is no place in her life for fear, while Ansel says he became more of a man but still fears death because he does not want to let the people in his lifedown.

They also say they'll be doing more scenes together in Insurgent than in Divergent.


There is also a little interview with John in the magazine. He talks about the process of writing the book and how he experienced the making of the movie. He says he was scared that the movie might change the novel for some readers, but that he got lucky.

If you want to read the whole interviews, check out the scan below.

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