Wednesday, May 28, 2014

TFIOS Cast Chats with Thought Catalog

Thought Catalog had the opportunity to see an advanced screening of TFIOS and subsequently interview Ansel, Shai, Sam, and Laura.

Here are the highlights:

And how do you want to be remembered?
Shai: I just want to make sure that every single day I am showing up in a way that’s full of integrity and compassion and love. And as far as wanting to be remembered — it’s more about what impression did I make, was I fully myself today and was I fully able to bring love to the table, because it’s really all about love.
Ansel: I hope that I inspire people to embrace their creative side, I feel like often times in society, people aren’t fortunate where they’re born into families where creativity is frowned upon, and I think that human beings are very creative people, and I want to be remembered as an inspiration for creativity.

What aspect of the book, which of the profound themes, resonated with you most: and how did you bring that to your character?
Sam: God, there are so many. One of the things that I loved that he says, that my character says, is that the universe wants to be noticed, and it rewards those who notice it. And then, who am I to say that my recognition of the universe is temporary? Which is so heavy, I’m still absorbing that — it’s like [John's] a philosopher. I love the idea that the universe is a being that wants to be seen and rewards those who see it. That to me is very zen — being in the moment, noticing the little things around you.
Laura: What’s the quote? Pain demands to be felt. That concept was really profound, to get to be a part of a film that not only doesn’t shy away from, but requires you, to feel the fearlessness of loving, knowing that we lose love also, and that we shouldn’t shy away from it culturally, and talking about it with our children, our lovers, our friends. That, as well, is very beautiful.

Be sure to check out the rest of the interview and a super cute video interview with Shai and Ansel at the source!

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