Thursday, May 22, 2014

TFIOS Cast chats with Bustle

Shailene, Ansel, Josh, and Wyck talk with Bustle about their most emotional scenes after the Buzzfeed screening in LA.

Shailene on the support group scenes:

It felt like we were there for a bigger reason than all of us, so that to me was incredibly emotional because it was so celebratory. It was a beautiful combination of art and real life and integrating real life into art.

Ansel on the gas station scene:
That day I was just very very emotional, just in general. I don’t think I’ve ever been so emotional since I was very young. It was weird to have that amount of emotion as an adult, that was very weird.

Josh on the love scene:
There’s the moment in the love scene when Ansel looks up at [Shailene] and he’s really vulnerable about his leg, and I thought that was a beautiful moment.

Wyck on Mama Lancaster:
 Now watching the film, being a parent, the thing that gets me every time is the ‘I’m not going to be a mother anymore’ line.

Be sure to check out the source to find out Ansel's most emotional moment watching the film and more behind the scenes goodies!

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