Friday, May 9, 2014

Nat takes over People Magazine's Instagram

Continuing the TFIOS social media takeover. The latest is Nat proceeding to own People Magazine's Instagram account.

The Three Musketeers - Nat Wolff
Love these guys. Must thank the man in the center (next to Ansel), John Green, and these real life cancer survivors for all of their support - Nat Wolff #tfios

Caught on camera: Ansel's selfie game is strong - Nat Wolff, on #tfios costar @anselelgort's photo skills

Thank you Cleveland for waking up at 3am to see us! It was insane. And yes, I'll go to prom with all of you. - Nat Wolff #tfios

Tour Crazy Eyes - Nat Wolff on his #tfios selfie

Played a surprise set in Nashville. Alex joined me. It was a party. - Nat Wolff during #tfios tour @natandalex

Waiting for my chance to talk while my best buddy Ansel drones on and on in the Q&A - Nat Wolff during the #tfios tour

John Green is on his tiptoes. In real life I'm an inch taller than he is. - Nat Wolff during the #tfios tour

An amazing night in Nashville. Love this crew -- Nat Wolff during the #tfios tour

Playing our two new songs, 'Cities' and 'It's Just Love.' - Nat Wolff talking center stage during the #tfios tour

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