Thursday, May 1, 2014

John Green talks to THR about Hollywood Success

John Green talked to The Hollywood Reporter about his reluctance to sell rights to his novel, how Shailene Woodley's performance won him over and why a hit won't make him go Hollywood.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

On his first viewing experience with his wife, Sarah:
"We were both crying, and I think I've seen my wife cry five times in the 10 years that we've been together," he says. "I knew that was a good sign." 

On Shai's portrayal of Hazel:
He acknowledges the fears of some fans that Woodley couldn't pull off the look of cancer-stricken Hazel, the beloved lead character, but says he knew she was the right choice on the first day of filming. "When I saw Shai walk out of Hazel's house with the cannula [breathing tube] trailing her oxygen tank, I immediately felt, 'She's got this,' " he says.

On Esther and her influence:
"I had to come to a philosophical place where I believed that short lives could also be rich lives," he says. In Earl, "I saw more of the complex story that happens outside of the hospital … the richness and the fullness in her life." 

On his frustrations with Hollywood's portrayals of teens:
"It looks more like a John Hughes movie than it is. There's a lot more fluidity [in real life]. I think a lot more of their social lives happen online or in sort of a cross space between off-space and online," he says. "Hollywood doesn't treat teenagers as intelligent as they are, and then when Hollywood does make a movie that kind of acknowledges the complexity and intelligence of teenagers, it does really well," he says, ticking off Easy A and Mean Girls as favorite examples.

Check out the rest of this great interview with John at The Hollywood Reporter.

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