Sunday, May 4, 2014

On Set Interviews

These are the soundbites of Ansel's, Shailene's, Josh's, John's, Sam's and Willem's set interviews.

Ansel Elgort
He says the book is about so much than about cancer (even though the cancer is an important part). He also talks about how Gus "only found out through Hazel that there is more to life than leaving a lasting imprint on the entire world and that maybe leaving an imprint on one person is enough."  Ansel talks about Hazel's concern about what will happen when she is gone, why Gus falls for Hazel and of course, Shailene and Willem Dafoe. 


She talks about her character in the movie, how Hazel does all these normal things and her obsession with "An Imperial Affliction". She praises Ansel and calls him her "brother for life", how everything excites him. She also talks about Willem Dafoe and how not really knowing sort of helped during their intense scenes in Amsterdam. At last, she talks John's writing skills and how the movie might leave us feel.


Sam Trammell

He talks about how the screenplay and book affected him (he cried about 5 times), about how incredible Shailene is, about the humor in the book and movie and what to expect from the movie.

Josh Boone

Josh talks about the book and how it funny and sad and dealing with deeper, real things, about why Gus and Hazel work, about Shailene being one of the best actresses of her generation, about everyone wanting to honor the book, the feel on set, John's presence on set and much more!

PS: We're loving that sweater!

John Green

John talks about the process of writing TFIOS and Esther, Hazel and her fears, how Hazel and Gus connect, about the email Shailene sent him and her audition and his experience on the movie set.

Willem Dafoe

Willem (who plays Peter VanHouten) talks about his character, Josh Boone and his first movie Stuck in Love, the message of the movie and about TFIOS being a faithful adaption.

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