Friday, May 9, 2014

John talks to Nashville Scene

The Nashville Scene was at the Nashville TFIOS event yesterday and got to chat with the cast and John on the red carpet. For our recap of the event go here.

Check out the article below.

It is sometimes hard to imagine author John Green playing a more prominent role in America’s cultural life. From a string of bestselling YA novels to an immensely popular YouTube channel, Green has struck a poignant chord with the reading and viewing public. But in the past several months his profile has risen even higher, due in large measure to the film adaptation of his celebrated novel The Fault in Our Stars, in theatres June 7. It was in support of the film that Green and Fault’s young cast — Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort, and Nat Wolff — walked a red carpet event yesterday evening in front of War Memorial Auditorium.

As the entourage made its way down the carpet — part of a preview tour that's appearing in only four cities — prepubescent fans clutched copies of the novel, posters and trembling iPhones. Country Life asked Green if the tidal wave of publicity had in any way altered his writing practice.


“This is wonderful, but I like being a writer,” Green said, with disarming sincerity. “I like books. Movies are fun and weird, but I am a book writer.”

“The amazing thing about John Green is he is actually pretty normal," said Shailene Woodley, the movie's Hazel, decked out for the evening in matte red lipstick. "But he is kind of superhuman in terms of intelligence and wit.”

One of the more touching moments came when a Salingeresque 12-year-old reporter named Gracelyn Mansfield — who was being chaperoned by her father Brian Mansfield, a USA Today correspondent and former Scene arts editor — asked Green what he was doing for Mother’s Day.

“I’m going to call my Mom and apologize that I’m still on the road,” he replied.

Green continued to shake hands with the receiving lines of journalists and acolytes. His smile suggested a touch of wonder at how the stars had all aligned.

“I’m pretty overwhelmed right now — and a little bit freaked out, to be honest with you,” Green told a reporter. “But the crowd has been so wonderful and they’re very polite of course because they’re just, like, the best readers you could ever ask for.”

Photo credit: Morgan Ogilvie / Article source

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