Sunday, May 4, 2014

TFIOS Press Junket in NYC pictures (May 3&4)

Beside attending the first screening of TFIOS on Saturday, May 3, the cast also did a press junket. 
Check out some first impressions below!

Alicia Malone made Ansel and Shai do the cry faces we all may have while watching TFIOS.

"This is what happens when #tfiosmovie cinematographer Ben Richardson takes your picture. #nofilter"
Photo by John Green

"Press junketing for #tfiosmovie. This is all so weird and fun."

Photo by John Green

Keltie Knight posted this selfie of herself with Ansel and Shailene

  : With our hero, John Green

 : All (& !) feels possible. hugs are as magical as they say.
: Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.
Doing interviews with Nat Wolff at the #tfios press junket. This is so weird.

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