Sunday, May 4, 2014

Cast & Crew on Set Interviews with MediaDevour

The producer Wyck Godfrey, Willem Dafoe, Shailene and Sam Trammel talk about adapting the book, casting Shailene, seeing Ansel act, shooting with Willem Dafoe as the "scary, broken, intimidating, engrossing, charming" Van Houten and including John Green in the whole process of making the movie.

Nat Wolff told Josh that he should direct the movie to the book. He also talks about his character, about how he has always wanted to work with Shai because she is "unbelievably magnetic as an actress". He has now become close friend with Ansel and they live right next to each other, spend time in his clean appartment and share music.

Laura was struck the most by Hazel. She thinks the book captures likeminded spirits. She says Shai is a wonderful, honest actress. She also mentions how everyone on set was obsessed with John and how everyone on set wanted to honour the story for him.

Check out the videos below:

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