Thursday, May 1, 2014

Wyck Godfrey talks about convincing John Green to adapt TFIOS into movie

The Philippine Star published a new interview with John Green, producer Wyck Godfrey, and screenwriters Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber. Wyck and John talk about how John was convinced to sell the movie rights of TFIOS.

Even before the novel was published, Hollywood came calling.  But Green was reluctant to sell the movie rights.  “I felt the story was so personal and close to me I just couldn’t imagine it being turned into a movie.”
Producer Wyck Godfrey was aware of the author’s reluctance.(...) “We had been trying to find something that would speak to the next wave of young readers who were looking for something that was very real, and The Fault in Our Stars felt like the next step for young adult fiction.”
Godfrey approached Fox 2000 Pictures president Elizabeth Gabler, and together they moved quickly to secure the movie rights. “We got on the phone with John and convinced him we were the right people to turn the book into a film,” Godfrey recalls.  Their mutual love of football (soccer) helped seal the deal.
“I admitted to being a huge Liverpoolfan, and as luck would have it, so was John,” adds the producer.
From the beginning of deals, Wyck was conviced that TFIOS was more than a sad, cancer story. John really appreciated that.
“One of the things Wyck said to me during those meetings was, ‘You didn’t write a cancer book, and we’re not going to make a cancer movie,’” Green remembers.  “Wyck didn’t want the film to be sentimental or about learning to be grateful for every day.  Wyck wanted the film to be raw, exciting and a celebration of life.  And that’s exactly what I was looking for."
The interview also talks about the screenwriters falling in love with the book and feeling honored to be involved in the movie. Wyck also explains why Josh Boone was the best choice for director of TFIOS, especially after reading the "Stuck In Love" script and watching the movie.

To read the entire article, visit The Philippine Star.

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